Benefits of a Crewcut Business

There are many benefits of owning a Crewcut lawn mowing business. Hear what some of our franchisees have to say about their business success with Crewcut. 


So what are some of the benefits with owning a Crewcut lawn mowing franchise?

Garth: Benefits of the business are, there's plenty of work. The more work I want, the more work I can get. Crewcut Rotorua, or I guess Crewcut anywhere I guess has a really good name. So I can get as much work as I want.


What kind of support do you get from your regional manager and head office? 

Allan: The support we get is actually really good. There are times when you do get a little bit stressed out, especially when you do fall behind. They're good to go to and talk to and get reassurance that everything is running as it should do. 


What makes a franchise lawn mowing system appealing?

Ian: These guys, they ring you up everyday with a new lead, or three or four. There's far more people that want to go with a big national body and won't go near an independent. 

Garth: People more and more now know that they can trust a franchise. You pull up in your vehicle, you've got your name, you've got Crewcut - people like that

Ian: No overdrafts with Crewcut. You haven't got big expenses every month of buying a product and reselling it. 


What sold you on buying a Crewcut lawn mowing franchise? 

Allan: The main selling point of Crewcut for us was the marketing where we don't have to go out and drum up new business. I am terrible at that sort of thing - so to have somebody else do that for us has been the biggest draw card. I wouldn't have looked at the business if it was left up to me to do the marketing - it just wouldn't have worked. 

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