All prices include GST and are valid for 3 working days. Please note that should the nature of the maintenance change, a new quote will be required.

Payment can be made by either cash or cheque. Please leave your payment at an agreed spot on the property, either at the time the maintenance is quoted or when it is completed, unless an agreement to give credit is made.

(Cash is the preferred option. But for those that get credit our preferred option for payment is internet banking direct into the operators account.)
Late payment may result in the delay of scheduled maintenance days, until the account is brought up to date.

Any expenses or costs incurred by Crewcut in recovering any outstanding amounts, including debt collection agency fees or commissions and all legal costs will be payable by you.

Crewcut requires no less than 24 hours notice of any change to the maintenance day or cancellation of the scheduled service. Changes to your service or frequency can easily be arranged verbally between yourself and your operator. Please ensure your Crewcut operator is notified of your cancellation in writing using text, email or a letter using his contact details supplied. Failure to give 24 hours notice could result in Crewcut charging the full price for your maintenance.

Please be sure that a clear arrangement has been made regarding access to your property, prior to the agreed service date.  Failure to do so, may result in the area not being serviced and in some cases, a re-visit fee of $10.00 may be charged.

Customers often develop a good relationship with their lawn mowing operator.  This is positive, but can sometimes make it difficult to discuss any complaints you may have. With Crewcut, you can enjoy a personal relationship while raising any questions or concerns with our office by calling 0800-800-286

All Crewcut lawn mowing operators are fully insured.  In the rare event of an operator causing damage to your property, please report the matter to our office by phone within 24 hours, with full particulars provided in writing (email or letter) within 7 days.

If you are not completely satisfied with the service you are provided, simply inform Crewcut within 24 hours and we will happily bring the area you are dissatisfied with up to standard. Due to the personal and subjective nature of maintenance, we do not offer refunds.  However, we want you to be 100% satisfied with Crewcut and will promptly address any concern you may have.

Personalities can often be incompatible, it is for this reason that you are able to ask our office to change your service operator (Call 0800-800-286).  It is our intention to do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, adverse weather, equipment failure or ill health, we may be delayed by 48 hours for the service day – we appreciate your understanding.