Hedge trimming done right!

Many Kiwi homes and gardens are lined with some kind of hedging. They keep out noise, wind, intruders and add plenty of aesthetic beauty to your property. Regular hedge trimming is one of the best ways to keep your hedge looking its best.

Most people find that a 4-6 monthly hedge trim is sufficient to keep your average hedge under control. However to maintain your hedge there can be hazards with ladders and it additionally requires specialist hedge trimmer equipment. 


Crewcut has all the hedge trimming equipment which can get any unruly hedge back into line. In most cases, this work can be done safely from the ground with our extendable hedge trimming equipment. Our friendly operators will trim your hedge and take away the trimmings, leaving your property the envy of your neighbours. 

We offer hedge trimming around the country, so make sure to contact us to see if there's an available operator - they'll even quote it for free!


Group Deal!

Get your neighbour's hedge or get two/three properties done at the same time, and receive a discounted rate! Talk to your Crewcut Operator or contact us!

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Hedge Trimming FAQs


What hedge height can the operator trim to?

Crewcut operators have long, extendable equipment which generally means they'll be able to trim to a height of 2-3 metres above ground. However, it's important to check with your Crewcut operator as they may be able to do more or less depending on their equipment. 


How often do I need to get the hedge trimming done?

Typically you will only need to get your hedges trimmed every 4-6 months or at least twice a year. This will give them plenty of time to have a bit of growth without looking overgrown. However, if you want your hedges shaped and trimmed more regularly, just be sure to let your Crewcut operator know. They'll be more than happy to help.


When is the best time of year for hedge trimming?

Generally the best time to trim the hedges is during the summer months. 


What areas do you cover for hedge trimming? 

Our operators are able to trim hedges around the country. 


What equipment will they use to trim the hedges?

Each operator has their own personal preference to the tools they want to use. Some of the more popular brands with our operators are Shindaiwa, Stihl, and Husqvarna. Then the motor will either be battery or petrol powered. 


How much will it cost? 

This depends on a number of factors including:

  • The length of the hedges

  • The amount you want cut off

  • The height of the hedges

  • If there are any immediate risks like power lines or uneven surfaces


Will they take away all the clippings?

Yes they can. You can ask them to take away the clippings for an additional charge or you can use it for your own compost or mulch.


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