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It’s likely that whenever you’ve wanted a service - you’ve opened up your computer or phone and punched in your query to google. Need a plumber? Google it. Need some new material for your deck? Google it. Need a lawn mowing service? Google it. 

While word of mouth and referrals are still massive contenders for marketing strategies - this can’t be your only fall back. A few decades ago, you could advertise your lawn mowing business with more simple methods like flyers, newspaper adverts, local directories and notice boards. These were effective then, but they aren’t so much anymore.
Your potential customers are now on their phones and the internet 24/7. When they need a product or service - they aren’t going to check the yellow pages, but they will do a search on google. It takes the hassle out of searching and makes the job of finding a service a lot easier. 

Of all the countless lawn mowing businesses out there in New Zealand, we know of about 200 - and this is a very low number. There are PLENTY of them, most likely closer to 1,000. However, many of these lawn mowing businesses are invisible online. How will these companies grow into the future without a presence online?

The demand for lawn and garden services

There's a huge demand for lawn and garden services online - and not many lawn mowing companies know how to reach these searchers. Here are some stats on some of the common queries for lawn and garden services in New Zealand:

  • ‘Lawn mowing’ 800 monthly searches

  • ‘Lawn mowing Auckland’ 400 monthly searches

  • ‘Lawn mowing Hamilton’ 200 monthly searches

For lawn mowing search phrases there are close to 6,000 monthly searches.

And for gardening, hedge trimming & tree trimming, this is even greater at 8,500 monthly searches.

These are huge figures! It shows that your audience is truly looking for the services online, and you can market to them.
But getting to these top spots on google is not easy. In fact, if you’re out on the job looking after lawns and gardens - it’s unlikely you’ll have time to manage a website as well. Even if you have someone at home who could possibly help out, they will need to have knowledge in SEO, Google adwords, social media and a myriad of other different digital marketing techniques.


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So again, why would buying a Crewcut franchise help you be found on Google?

The benefit of joining a franchise like Crewcut is that you have a dedicated team of digital marketers who are getting you and the brand out there to your potential customers. In fact, the Crewcut digital team are currently working on a national franchise directory dedicated to each and every one of our franchisees. This means that every Crewcut franchisee will get their own webpage with a photo, bio, areas they cover and more. Joining the Crewcut group also means you'll be getting a set of other digital online accounts created and managed for you - so you don't have to lift a finger!

With Crewcut, we have a very competitive team that use many online tools to get the Crewcut website to the top of google for many search phrases. This can be the difference between you getting the lawn mowing quote and someone else. 


If you're interested in owning a lawn mowing business of your own, consider Crewcut - we put you first.

Contact us on 0800 800 286 to receive an in-depth information pack. 

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