Why A Lawn Mowing Franchise Beats Going Independent

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When you decide you want to run a lawn mowing business, the next major decision is - will you join a franchise or be independent? While we tip our hats to those who try to do it themselves, there are some major disadvantages with this route. A Crewcut franchise will provide you with guaranteed success that you can’t get with your own independent business - here are a few reasons why. 



1. A proven business system that works!

When you choose to go with a franchise, your choosing to join a business model that actually works. Crewcut has been operating as a lawn and garden franchise for over 25 years in New Zealand - it means we’re doing something right! If you’re starting on your own, this will be the part that can take the longest to develop. People with far greater business experience have already done the hard yards (no pun intended). 


2. Training

This is the big difference between a franchise and a start-up. If you were going it alone, who would you turn to for advice and training? At Crewcut we offer a 2 week period which will train you in all things lawn mowing, gardening, customers and business operations. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have quality training, especially when you’re trying to learn the ropes. It’s also important to highlight that when new products and equipment come out on the market - you will have to know all about these and be up to date. This is one thing that HO or your regional manager will be able to help you with. 


3. All your branding is done for you

Branding is one of the most important factors when it comes to starting or joining a business. It's the first thing potential customers will notice when you enter a property. However, when people start up their own business, it's often one of the things that gets overlooked, because 'service is the most important thing right?'.
Although great service accounts for a lot, it's not the only thing. Customers have often commented that Crewcut's branding is clean, sharp, trusted and recognisable. This branding is seen through our uniforms, sign writing, and marketing collateral. Always remember, people create a judgement in those first 10 seconds, so make them count!

If you know that branding is important and you want to hire a designer to put something together for you, this can prove to be very expensive and time consuming. 



4. A qualified marketing team

With a successful franchise, you'll also be getting a qualified marketing team who are dedicated to making your business a success. If you thought that customers will just come to you - or that word of mouth is the only form of marketing, think again. Things are changing, and going digital. That's why Crewcut's marketing team is always updated with the latest trends in marketing - bonus, they're willing to help you so you can try it for yourself! You can see here, our full list of marketing collateral both digital and traditional.


With good marketing, comes a good website. The Crewcut website is on the first page of google, and in first position for many searches like 'Lawn Mowing Wanganui'. When somebody wants their lawns mowed, where will they go to find the service? The answer is - google. 

These are just some of the perks we've heard from our franchisees, but there are countless others. Before you start your own lawn mowing company, just think - can you get all of these benefits by going it alone?



5. You'll have a great support system

Here at Crewcut we have a saying:

"What is the most important thing? It is people, it is people, it is people." 

This is so important to us - which is why we have a great support system at every point. When you buy a Crewcut business, you'll gain support from Head Office, and your own regional manager. They have a wealth of knowledge in lawn & garden services, customer services and business management to share with you. 



6. We'll provide you with customer leads

While some customers may come directly to you, many come through our head office contact. We can then give these customers to you - and you didn't have to break a sweat! That's a great part of having a whole team around you that are willing to make your business a success by bringing customers directly to you.



7. National Operations manager

A franchise system also means a top-notch operations manager which ensures everything is moving tickity-boo. They'll be able to help you out with any disputes or accidents - it makes your job that little bit easier and stress-free. 


Read more about owning a lawn mowing business:


8. Growing National contracts

Crewcut currently looks after huge national contracts which are constantly growing. It means you'll always have work on top of your current client base. During the colder months when lawn mowing enquiries drop off, having these guaranteed contracts can really keep machine running. 



9. Wide network of other franchisees

Have a question you wanna ask, and to someone who will understand? That's where a franchise network is perfect. We have over 200 franchisees nationwide who would love to talk to you. We have dedicated Facebook groups and a newsletter which helps franchisees stay in touch. Through these mediums you can discuss all things lawn mowing and business. It's the perfect place to learn a new sales pitch or get a hint on servicing your mower. 



10. You can sell your excess customers back to HO

Are you SO good at sales pitches that you acquired more customers than you can handle? That's okay, because at Crewcut we can buy your customers off you - for a decent price. That way you can keep on top of all your work and still make some good money. 



11. Health and safety

While everyone may have their own way of staying safe on a job, a franchise ensures you know and follow current H&S codes. Not only does it mean you return back home in one piece, but you’ll also not have angry customers yelling in your ear. 


If you're interested in buying a lawn mowing business through Crewcut, please fill out an expression of interest form by clicking the button below. 

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