Why couples rock at owning a lawn business

Happy Crewcut couple lawn business owners

Who will look better behind the mower; you or your partner?

Working with your spouse may seem like a scary thought for some. For others however, it could be the start of a bright and successful future. A lawn mowing business is a lot of work, and often takes more than one person to run effectively. In fact, some of our most successful lawn mowing businesses are made up of couples. While many households struggle to keep up with the increasing cost of living, a lawn mowing franchise could be the secret to ‘trimming those bills down’.



So why does the couple team work?


Sharing a common business goal

It works because you’re both the owners of a successful business model. Sharing the same common goal of business success can bring many couples closer together, as you’ll both motivate each other to get jobs done. 


Handling more lawns

However you arrange the workload, you will definitely be able to handle more lawns and gardens. While a single operator may handle 8-10 lawns in a day, a couple could probably handle up to 20. This is a huge benefit as it gives you the flexibility and capability of expanding your business. This is a huge bonus when it comes time to re-sell, and can mean a higher sell price for you.


Someone to talk to during the day

While you may sometimes converse with your clients - they're often away from home. During the day - it's not uncommon for lawn mowing business owners to not have anyone to talk to for the entire day. From time-to-time, this can make for a pretty lonely work day. However, having your closest friend with you can make the day go faster. Someone you know the strengths and weaknesses of, and in this way, you’ll be able to better assign tasks and roles.

If you want proof, check out Don and Sue from sunny Tauranga who have really enjoyed owning a lawn mowing franchise together. Don says “In fact, a husband and wife team's a very good team. It works well. You can bounce off one another and the day goes quickly.”


Happy Whangarei Crewcut couple lawn business owners

Sick days aren't as much of an issue

Another benefit of owning the business together is that you can help out if one of you gets sick. When you own and run the business solo - it becomes extremely difficult to continue the daily tasks when you're feeling under the weather. However, when you have a partner to rely on, it can make things a whole lot easier. Even if they can't take over your lawn jobs - they'll be able to communicate with your clients and let them know you may be a few days late with their lawns. 



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What are some the different team combinations?

One out mowing - one managing the books

A popular combo is the mowing and book keeping duo. While one is out doing the lawns, the other is working on all the finances and contacting clients. This is effective as it saves double handling of jobs and solidifies your roles (which would negate any possible arguments). 


Both do mowing

If both are tackling the mowing, you’ll be able to get plenty of lawns done in a day. The average single mowing operator can get around 8-10 lawns done in a day. If there’s two of you? You can only imagine how many you’ll mow through.


One does mowing, the other does gardening

Although Crewcut is primarily a lawn maintenance business, the unsung hero is gardening. If one or you looks after the gardens, that’s a huge opportunity made for extension of your services. Customers really seek operators who will go the extra mile and provide a whole range of services in their backyard. 


Meet some of our couple teams across the country

Nigel & Ann

Kevin & Wendy


How do we start?

If you're interested in giving Crewcut business ownership a go, make sure you do your research and your own personal assessment. If you’re unsure about the qualities you’ll need, have a read of ‘7 reasons a lawn mowing franchise might be for you'


If you’re still interested, give us a call on 0800 800 286 or email us info@crewcut.co.nz and we’d be happy to talk to you about a business for your ‘couple team’. So who will look better behind the mower? We’ll let you two decide on that one. 

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