Can a millennial own a lawn care business?


We're sorry to break it to you, but if you were born between 1980 and 2000, chances are you're a member of that special class of avocado-eating, selfie-taking, brunch-loving Millennials. And like many of your brethren, you may be seeking something to do with your life that's a little more fulfilling than your ordinary day job.

Unfortunately, for many of these Instagram-your-lunch types, business ownership seems out of reach. Even so, here's a fascinating phenomenon: Millennials are snapping franchises at an astronomical rate.

Indeed, the International Franchise Association claims that almost 75% of all Millennials list entrepreneurialism as a key aspiration. And here at Crewcut, we couldn't agree more that being under 30 in 2018 gives you the perfect set of skills and values for making a franchise succeed.

Forbes claims that a staggering 72% of all Millennials want to be their own boss. Why? Because they're not afraid to tell you what they want. They don't want to just sit at a desk. They see the big picture and are powered by technology.

And there are so many other reasons why the Millennial is the absolutely perfect candidate for owning and running a lawn mowing franchise:


1. Fresh thinking

Whether it's an opinion about the new iPhone or a cool way to make mowing lawns easier, Millennials certainly bring fresh thinking to the table.

These values are powered by the Millennials' desire to live rather than let work dictate life, which means a range of fresh strategies to make opportunities come to life whilst having fun at the same time.

2. Ready for change

As the world so obviously changes, so too does the Millennial.

In fact, the world has changed from the previous generation to the current one so radically that the Millennial is fairly well placed to embrace brand new thinking. We've gone from pre-internet to online gaming, and landlines to a smartphone in the hand of every toddler. But the job market is changing hugely as well, meaning the Millennial is ready for anything and primed for multi-tasking and rapid adaptation.

3. Technology savvy

If there's one main difference between the Millennial generation and the one that preceded it, it's technology.

In short, Millennials were raised with technology from the cradle, and they embraced it with relish. When transferred to the world of lawn mowing franchise ownership, one thing is certain: the Millennial lawn mowing King or Queen won't let even rapid technology changes leave them behind.

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4. Social media as King

Ok, so running a lawn mowing franchise is mainly about mowing. And that seems to have little to do with the Millennials' love affair with texting and Instagram-ing

But social media savvy will actually come in very handy for the Millennial lawn mowing entrepreneur. Filming, creating, hashtagging and sharing work with the community will be easy-peasy, giving the Millennial a big marketing head-start over the Baby Boomer competitor.

5. Youth beats experience

'Youth beats experience' may seem the wrong way around, but let's face it: mowing lawns is hard. Mowing 8 lawns a day is even harder. And it's going to be a lot easier for a 20-something compared to a more-than-20-something.

Fit, active and with minimal health issues, it's the perfect stage of life for a Millennial to get out and active and soaking up that vitamin D with a lawn mower. We've known lawn care business owners who reported walking 25-30km a day during the summer months - and only a Millennial's latest Fitbit watch is equipped for that sort of workout!

6. Work, earn, invest

One of the secrets of achieving wealth independence later in life is to start as soon as possible.

This fact alone gives Millennials a hefty head-start when it comes to taking on the responsibility of business ownership - with the protection of an established franchise brand and the willingness to work hard, save and invest for the long-term as key factors on top. The younger you are, the less responsibilities you have other than earning, learning and aiming high for the future. The cost of living and home ownership is sky-high for the Millennial, but a Crewcut franchise owner is almost guaranteed more than industry standard earnings.

7. Mission independence

When the Millennial's parents grew up, they were still on the trajectory of 'one life, one career'.

But as the global financial crisis demonstrated a decade ago, the Millennial knows they cannot rely on the promises of the past, which makes them ready for financial confidence and independence, and primed to take that bold step into business ownership. In fact, 75% of the top 2000 high-earning Millennials said they had a hunch they'd make it big as entrepreneurs

8. World-changing ambition

Ask a Millennial what they'd like to see, and they'll think big: like ushering in the dawn of renewable energy, and solving the catastrophic predictions of climate change.

It means the Millennial really wants to make a difference and leave the world in better shape than they found it - and they are prepared to think big and outside the box to achieve it, whilst not shying away from a hard day's work.

9. Creativity

Even amid all of that youthful angst, no generation is as creative as the Millennial one.

Finding a stable job is one particular worry, which makes creating and crafting and perfecting a job that is entirely under their control particularly attractive. The Millennial hasn't given up on the idea of the 'dream job' - they're just more likely to create it for themselves than hope it is given to them.

10. Forget 9-5

Once upon a time, the young people of the world got ahead because they were going to work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, 9 through 5.

But as the world slowly phases out that sort of job structure, the Millennial seems completely ready to take control of their own diary. They don't mind working hard, but the Millennial lifestyle is important too - and owning a franchise is a unique way to design a work itinerary with the flexibility they seek.

The bottom line? The lawn mowing franchise business seems like a match made in heaven for the Millennial. Are you a young, motivated and ambitious up-start who is ready to take the plunge but not sure quite where to begin? Give the Crewcut team a call today on 0800 800 286.

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